benefits play war games

You know that you guys do not benefit mainka games during this ...?
turned in one of unifersitas in london,.observes that many of the benefits of our war example is that we can make decisions quickly, catching and assertive.It is one of the results of his research.

I think that's true, try if we play the game of war, one example only, point blank or called more cool that PB

you must first be felt shocked the coming opponent.let alone your enemies are located right in front of you, ..
must be very very nervous at the time, ..and we are in demand to remain calm and we had to shoot into the opposite direction.
if we do not we normally would have immediately confused, ..and we do not know what should be in the shot ..
in decision-making must also be fast.what weapons we use as an atmosphere like this?what I should do.
That's where the tranquility, ingenuity, speed and accuracy in decision mengambik Hattush under our control.and without us knowing it had already penetrated into the real world that we go through today.