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Anywhere on earth, everyone would want a healthy, both physically and spiritually. This means that healthy is the most important thing than anything. Apabaila the sick, let alone can not do anything, everything becomes meaningless. Abundant wealth, cantin or handsome face, high office, or cleverness, will not mean anything if your body is to lay helpless.
Activities and enjoy life this can be done if the body healthy. Thus the bias or bias menikmatim will feel love hanging out when the family moved at each other or physically and spiritually healthy. Pain sometimes cause suffering like that is always murugn mood and pessimistic. It certainly makes life disrupted. These conditions are not only weakened his physical condition in the future, but also did not rule could cause a short life.

According to search the history of medicine, since ancient times, grow plants has been known as a source of excellent treatment. Starting from the roots of plants, various tuber crops, stem and leaf, bark, flower to seed a crop can be used as a potent drug. In Indonesia, more than 1000 species of traditional medicinal plants spread across the province that was allegedly able to cure the disease, whether mild or severe. Various types of herbs in alternative medicine proved quite effective in preventing and crippling many of the deadly virus in the body, such as hepatitis, leukemia, tumors and so forth. One hadists Prophet who said that "Likuli da'in dawaun" or no disease no cure, merpakan motto or our grip in the hope that not too pessimistic on the diseases that we suffer. As we continue to strive to heal, God will still give way for those who try.

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On the other hand, we know that synthetic drugs are also taken from plants used by some experts from the West. However, little by little, a synthetic drug that is mixed with chemical substances increasingly widespread use. People take drugs sinetis race which is considered more efficacious, thus came the drug factories that resemble synthetic drugs with a variety of sizes, flavors and colors. Ironically, in the middle of the triumph of synthetic drugs, there emerged a variety of reactions due to side effects experienced by some people, including headaches, bloating, nausea, vomiting, cold dried, and various other symptoms
For that, as a herbalist, we are calling for a return to nature or back to nature. Because, in ilmiahpun, we clearly know the efficacy of natural medicines that have been tested by our ancestors. Therefore, cultivate drug crops again that surround us Empower need to go back. From an economic value, the price is certainly more affordable than synthetic drugs, while the impact of the risk is also more secure.Source: http://duniaherbal.wordpress.com